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Evaluation License

NASA offers an "Evaluation License" option that will allow you short-term permission to explore the potential of a technology and learn if it will fit into your business development goals. An evaluation license is also required if you intend to enter into an agreement to have NASA conduct testing on the technology on your behalf.

Evaluation licenses are priced in three tiers depending on the needs of the company:

  • Tier 1 - $2500/12 months

  • Tier 2 - $500/6 months

  • Tier 3 - No cost

The important details:

  • All evaluation licenses are non-exclusive agreements.
  • Most evaluation licenses last 1 year. There may be exceptions that would allow the evaluation license to extend past 2 years.
  • No pro forma statement is required for an evaluation license application.
  • If another company submits a license application and it is approved, all evaluation licensees will be provided a 30-day notice.
  • Evaluation licensees are not permitted to commercialize or sell the technology. A traditional commercialization license agreement must be in place before any sales can take place.
  • If there is a third-party company that will be helping the evaluation licensee in determining if the NASA technology is marketable, the third-party company must also submit a NASA research license in order to proceed with evaluation.
  • A Space Act Agreement must be in place in order for the evaluation licensee to utilize NASA's expertise and/or facilities.

How does an evaluation license differ from a nondisclosure agreement?

With a nondisclosure agreement, or NDA, NASA will be able to answer basic questions about h the mission use of the technology, but we are not able to discuss how the technology could be adapted to your specific use case. Additionally, you would not be permitted to conduct testing, experiment, create protoypes, discuss the technology with investors without the evaluation license.