NASA Hot 100 Technologies

NASA Hot 100 Technologies

NASA's Technology Transfer Program is a true national asset. It brings together the space agency’s most capable problem-solvers with America’s brightest commercial and entrepreneurial leaders in partnerships that transfer groundbreaking NASA technologies to the public. It provides solutions for challenges in the fields of health and medicine, industrial production, communications, transportation, consumer goods, public safety, and many more. And, in so doing, it helps create new products, new markets, and new jobs that enhance the quality of life in America and fuel the US economy.

Recognizing that technologies are geographically agnostic, and taking advantage of modern communications platforms, the Technology Transfer Program has moved away from only offering agency technologies through its field centers, and is instead offering the full agency portfolio of over 1,600 active patents and patents pending to the public through the redesigned NASA Technology Transfer Portal at

As part of this effort, the entire patent portfolio was sorted into 15 technology categories, ranging from robotics to manufacturing, and then assessed for maturity and commercial potential.

What you see in this special section is a sampling from that survey — what NASA has determined are its “hottest” technologies. We believe that these 100 technologies have significant potential — when put into the hands of industry — to increase productivity, safety, and economic competitiveness, and improve our overall quality of life.

As you review this list of technologies, keep in mind that each is available to you for licensing. Contact us or the appropriate NASA field center for more information, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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