Lateral Kevlar Suspension Device (LKSD)

mechanical and fluid systems
Lateral Kevlar Suspension Device (LKSD) (GSC-TOPS-86)
Suspension device that can be used in low temperature refrigeration systems, such as an adiabatic demagnetization refrigerator (ADR), capable of withstanding temperatures near absolute zero while maintaining suspension reliability and consistency.
The Kevlar suspension device is made up of a support ring that has three spring-loaded tension assemblies equally spaced around the support ring. Connected to these tension assemblies is a band that supports a separate ring capable of holding cylindrical shaped load.

The Technology
This device has the ability to maintain consistent tension by taking advantage of the Kevlars high strength and low thermal conductivity properties. In addition to Kevlar, the unit is equipped with three spring-loaded tension assemblies should the band slacken during the cooling process, the spring force directs the pulley in an outward direction taking up any slack and maintaining the tension and stiffness of the system. This provides stability and good thermal isolation to the load attached while reducing parasitic heating.
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  • Stability in the harshest cold temperatures
  • Self-adjusting tension

  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
Technology Details

mechanical and fluid systems
GSC-15948-1 GSC-17768-1
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