NASA's Random Positioning Machine Fixtures Webinar

NASA's Random Positioning Machine Fixtures Webinar

Because the access to the true weightless environment of the ISS and other Low Earth Orbit (LEO) vehicles is limited and cost prohibitive, the Microgravity Simulation Support Facility (MSSF) was established at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) to fulfill the need of the scientific community.  The facility provides the US science community with a focal point in the field of gravitational research by granting assess to an array of 2D and 3D clinostats, and Random Positioning Machine (RPM) platforms developed by teams throughout the world. The availability of these capabilities will allow further understanding the role of altered gravity vectors from “functional weightlessness”, partial gravity, and hypergravity conditions on biological processes. 

Researchers at KSC have designed and 3D printed an array of specialized fixtures for the array of Microgravity Simulators which allow others with unique science requirements to mount their samples onto these devices.

During this webinar, these specialized fixture designs for RPMs will be presented on and we will make the free transfer of the designs available after the event.

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