T2 Patent Portfolio

patent portfolio
NASA maintains a portfolio of patents with commercial potential and makes them available to the public through our patent licensing program.
  • Environment
    Passive Nutrient Delivery System (PONDS)
    Water and nutrient delivery for controlled agriculture environments
  • Environment
    Closed Ecological System Network Data Collection, Analysis, Control, and Optimization System
    A Rapid, Low-Cost Approach to Permanently Extend Life Beyond Earth
  • Materials / Coatings
    New Methods in Preparing and Purifying Nanomaterials
    New processes greatly improve the properties of boron nitride nanomaterials
  • Environment
    Tool for Rapid Identification of TCE in Plants
    Hyperspectral Estimator for Site Characterization and Monitoring
  • Instrumentation
    Capacitive Micro-Gravity Fluid Mass Gauge
    An accurate method of measuring fluid or gas inside a vessel
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