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NASA Technology Transfer Expansion (T2X) accelerates the commercialization of NASA-developed technology and new venture creation through strategic partnerships, entrepreneurship activities, and engagement with academia. T2X builds on the mission of NASA Technology Transfer—to ensure that innovations developed for exploration and discovery are broadly available to the public. With emphasis on entrepreneurial innovation and pipeline creation, T2X invests in the economy of the future.
Startup Generation and Support
From launching novel partnerships and activities to collaborating for prototype development, T2X bridges sustainability gaps for entrepreneurs.
Inclusive Entrepreneurship
T2X engages diverse communities to advance innovation.
Impactful Measures
T2X heightens the impact of NASA investments on state and local economies.
Collaborative Partnerships
From coast to coast T2X engages entrepreneurial and investment communities, other government agencies, academia, incubators, accelerators, research parks, and others who share common interest in solving the challenges of tomorrow, today.
Ready to Launch?
Search the patent portfolio for technologies to develop a new product or improve existing products.
Contact us at to learn more about T2X.
Startup NASA Feature Series Webinars
T2 Startup Series
This monthly series provides an opportunity for NASA technology- inspired startup companies to share their stories, including how they got involved with NASA and where they are currently in the development of their new product or service.


T2X Directory

T2X Program Manager
Christie Funk
T2X Communications Director
Mikaela McShane
T2X Program Coordinator
Kelli Jones
Armstrong Flight Research Center
Terrence Garry
Glenn Research Center
Jeanne King
Renee Eveland
Dennis Dannemiller
Johnson Space Center
Walter Ugalde
Mayra Delgado
Kennedy Space Center
Meredith Reeves
Langley Research Center
Katrina Young
Stennis Space Center
Tom Lipski
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