Startup NASA Series: HealieTech

Startup NASA Series: HealieTech
About the Event

On May 18th, at 2pm ET, representatives from HealieTech will be presenting on their experience working with NASA.

HealieTech utilizes a unique self-healing polymer technology from NASA to produce self-healing wiring insulation that protects against overheating and minor physical damage from cuts and chafes.

During this free virtual event, company representatives will share their stories with you, including how they got involved with NASA and where they are currently developing their new products and/or systems. 

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Presenter: Dr. Cristel Bastida & Sibi Ravi Shanthi

Dr. Cristel Bastida

Dr. Bastida is a business strategy-minded leader, a bleeding-edge innovator, and a scientist. Dr. Bastida studied the effects of stress on motivated behaviors and neural networks during puberty as part of her doctoral Neuroscience studies. She has delved into many scientific & medical fields since. Dr. Bastida has pushed whole fields forward (seemingly) effortlessly, including Neuroscience, Cancer Medicine, Patient-Reported Outcomes, Reconstructive Surgery, Community Health, Orthopedics, Mobile Health, and Materials Science.

Dr. Bastida sees the connections and opportunities across scientific & business fields. As such, she, along with Sibi Shanthi Ravi, has launched a sustainability tech startup in the defense & space industries.  Dr. Bastida is also a modern-day Renaissance Woman; she loves art and music, business and academia, and she lives to build community. Dr. Bastida finds humor in most situations and constructs evidence-based, thoughtful, novel solutions to everyday occurrences, research questions, and business strategy challenges alike.

Sibi Ravi Shanthi

Sibi Ravi Shanthi is a Bachelor of Business Administration graduate of the Red McCombs School of Business from the University of Texas at Austin. Upon graduation, Sibi joined Accenture as a Consulting Analyst in Dallas, Texas. Sibi has developed his technical skills and business acumen through his experience at Accenture. After a year, Sibi was recognized for his efforts and was promoted to Senior Consulting Analyst. Sibi has completed his first year of his MBA in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Strategy from Rice University in Houston, Texas, and has one year remaining. Sibi currently works at Jabian as a Management Consultant in the Dallas area. Sibi is also the COO and Co-Founder of a next-generation materials startup called HealieTech.

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