CubeSat Compatible High Resolution Thermal Infrared Imager

CubeSat Compatible High Resolution Thermal Infrared Imager (GSC-TOPS-138)
A small, adaptable, and stable high resolution thermal imaging system that provides more detailed spatial and temporal data from orbit.
The CubeSat Compatible High Resolution Thermal Infrared Imager is a technology with multiple applications. It can be flown on an aircraft, deployed on the International Space Station, launched on a ride-share as an entirely self-contained 3U CubeSat, flown on a small satellite, or be a co-manifested satellite instrument.

The Technology
This dual band infrared imaging system is capable of spatial resolution of 60 m from orbit and earth observing expected NEDT less than 0.2o C. It is designed to fit within the top two-thirds of a 3U CubeSat envelope, installed on the International Space Station, or deployed on other orbiting or airborne platforms. This infrared imaging system will utilize a newly conceived strained-layer superlattice GaSb/InAs broadband detector array cooled to 60 K by a miniature mechanical cryocooler. The camera is controlled by a sensor chip assembly consisting of a newly developed 25 m pitch, 640 x 512 pixel.
Berlin, Germany
  • High quantum efficiency
  • Broad spectral response
  • Ease of fabrication
  • Smallest and most compact, easily deployable scientific near/long wave infrared imager
  • Easily configured for a Space Station facility instrument as a supplemental IR camera system

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Space flight
  • Meteorology
Technology Details

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