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Robust High Temperature SiC Op Amps Practical Fabrication
The technology is part of a new generation of NASA Glenn SiC integrated circuits with unprecedented durability in the field of high-temperature electronics. For robust operational amplifiers based on SiC Junction Field Effect Transistors (JFETs), this novel compensation method mitigates issues with threshold voltage variations that are an effect of die location on the wafer. Modern high-temperature op amps on the market fall short due to temperature limits (only 225C for silicon-based devices). Previously, researchers noted that multiple op amps on a single SiC wafer had different amplification properties due to different threshold voltages that varied spatially as much as 18&#37 depending on the circuit's distance from the SiC wafer center. While 18&#37 is okay for some applications, other important system applications demand better precision. By applying this technology to the amplifier circuit design process, the op amp will provide the same signal gain no matter its position on the wafer. The compensation approach enables practical signal conditioning that works from 25C up to 500C.
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