NASA Langley Quarterly Technology Showcase

NASA Langley Quarterly Technology Showcase
About the Event

The Technology Showcase is an opportunity for members of the public to learn about patented NASA technology and envision how their business might benefit from our world renowned research. Licensing a NASA technology can help your business grow and advance the commercialization of exciting new technologies. Join us for this quarterly event to learn more.

May 11th - 2pm to 3pm

We will highlight 3 technologies applicable to uncrewed systems. Subject matter experts, inventors and commercialization specialists will be on-hand to answer questions and engage in discussions surrounding commercialization opportunities.

Technologies will include:

  • Fixed Wing Angle eVTOL - This fixed wing VTOL design deflects thrust downward rather than tilt rotors 90° to reduce complexities, components and risks associated with conventional VTOL
  • Location Corrections through Differential Networks System - The Location Correction through Differential Networks system utilizes networked stationary GPS bases to dramatically increase the accuracy on the GPS of mobile devices. This can increase reliable UAV navigation in traditionally challenging environments to enable advanced operations.
  • Multivariate Monitoring for Human Operator and Machine Teaming - Multivariate Monitoring for Human Operator Machine Teaming evaluates a human operator for signs of flight input reliability and relies on AI for gaps in reliable decision making. This technology increases operational safety while potentially lowering the requirements threshold for near autonomous flight and the degree of human operator dependency in UAM/UAS operations.
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