NASA's New Methods in Preparing and Purifying Nanomaterials Webinar

NASA's New Methods in Preparing and Purifying Nanomaterials Webinar
About the Event

Innovators at NASA's Glenn Research Center have made several breakthroughs in treating hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) nanomaterials, improving their properties to supplant carbon nanotubes in many applications. These inventors have greatly enhanced the processes of intercalation and exfoliation. Both processes are crucial in creating usable nanomaterials and tailoring them for specific engineered applications. In addition, Glenn's researchers have devised a means of fabricating exfoliated hBN-alumina ceramic composites, which have great potential as high-thermal-conductivity electrical insulators, as well as a new method to remove impurities from nanomaterials without causing damage to their structures. All of these advances have hBN nanomaterials set to transform applications such as heat sinks, electrical insulators, lightweight piezoelectric polymers for satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles, ceramic composites for jet engines, biomedical components, and radiation shielding technology.

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During the webinar, you will learn about this new technology as well as how NASA’s technologies and capabilities are available to industry and other organizations through NASA’s Technology Transfer Program.

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