NASA Ames Aerospace Industry Technologies Webinar

NASA Ames Aerospace Industry Technologies Webinar
About the Event

NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley is enabling dramatic improvements in aerospace technology during the 21st century. For decades, the Center has developed and transferred new technologies that directly benefit the entire aerospace community, including the public. Aeronautics improvements will be particularly important over the next several decades because of the rise of commercial space, increased number of commercial flights, anticipated use of flying cars, and integration of advanced autonomy into the national airspace.

During this event NASA Ames researchers will give brief presentations about several technologies that could have major impacts on the aerospace industry and take questions from the audience.

Presentation Topics:

FACET: Future Air Traffic Management Concepts Evaluation Tool -

Method and System for Air Traffic Rerouting for Air-space Constraint Resolution - NASCENT 

Flight-Path Angles

Flight Awareness Collaboration Tool (FACT)

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Traffic Management

Artificial Immune System-Based Approach For Airborne Vehicle Maneuvering

Co-Optimization of Blunt Body Shapes for Moving Vehicles

Green aviation - improved aerodynamic efficiency and less fuel burn

Multi-Objective Flight Control Optimization Framework

Aeroelastic Wing Shaping


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