NASA Langley's Quarterly Technology Showcase

NASA Langley's Quarterly Technology Showcase
About the Event

The Technology Showcase is an opportunity for members of the public to learn about patented NASA technology and envision how their business might benefit from our world renowned research. Licensing a NASA technology can help your business grow and advance the commercialization of exciting new technologies. Join us for this quarterly event to learn more.

We will highlight three technologies applicable to the offshore wind industry. Subject matter experts, inventors and commercialization specialists will be on-hand to answer questions and engage in discussions surrounding commercialization opportunities.

Technologies will include:

  • Surface Contamination Mitigation - NASA Langley offers an array of patented methodologies that ensure a smooth clean surface for wind turbines which could enhance longevity of equipment life expectancy and operational efficiencies.
  • Wind-Event Warning System - This NASA Langley invention uses a LIDAR system which can spot potentially damaging wind activities not spotted by traditional weather monitoring. These wind events can be a damaging surprise, but advanced warning would permit feathering the blades before any damage can be done.
  • Defect Detection System for Composites - NASA Langley has developed a system to monitor composites during cure that ensures a composite turbine blade meets standards without requiring a separate evaluation step in the process, saving a blade manufacturer time between initiation and installation, and space for quality evaluations.
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